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Two Ways of Improving Employee Safety To ensure productivity and safety of employees, organizations do a number of things. However, for long term benefits, being consistent with your efforts is important. Failure to do so can lead to an increase in workplace fall and slip accidents. When employees sustain slip and fall injuries at your workplace, you may end up with huge losses. For example, employees will not have the morale to work productively when they know some of them have suffered some injuries on the job. At the same time, the business will have to contend with cost for medical bills and workers’ compensation of the injured employees. It is important to put up some steps that will enhance your employee safety at your premises. You can improve workplace safety by implementing the two tips below. Have a Workplace Safety Policy in Place If you have a business workplace safety policy, which you should have, make sure employees are aware of it. The overall safety at your workplace will be enhanced when employees know and follow the policy. For example, employees should know your company’s policies when it comes to emergencies such as fires. New employees should be taken through the company’s safety program before they are fully inducted to start working. From time to time, the program should be revised to reflect the needs of the business. Refresher training should be provided occasionally to veteran employees.
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If you want to be successful in business, it is important to take good care of your employees. This means ensuring their safety by providing them with the necessary gear or equipment they need for various jobs. The workplaces should also be made safe to avoid potential accidents. In some places, you should install hand rails and guardrails to prevent accidents.
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Make the Workplace Safer Making the workplace safe is another way in which you can avoid slip and fall accidents. There are various causes of slip and fall accidents. Among the common causes include obstructions on the walkways, poorly lit areas, wet floors, and poor footwear. You should prevent potential slip and falls by taking deliberate steps to improve safety at the workplace. The best way to preventing slip and falls is by identifying their potential causes and addressing them. For example, there should be signage showing “Wet Floor” to warn employees of the traction of the flooring. Any areas that are likely to be slippery should be laced with adhesive tape. Good housekeeping will go a long way in preventing the common slip and fall accidents at the workplace. From time to time, you should discuss safety matters with your employees. Studies have shown that majority of work injury case are related to slip and falls. These incidents can be prevented by following the two tips above.