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The New Unconventional Jewelry Trends

Women have always been associated with the jewelry industry. There is always a piece hanging from their ears, around their necks or covering their wrists. It adds a sense of style and elaborates the entire outfit. Some of them cannot imagine walking out of the house without any jewelry on. With each change in the fashion trends, there comes a new angle to how jewelry is made and worn. We are now seeing an emerging trend of wearing jewelry on body parts previously not considered. There are a few places that are fast becoming conventional areas for adorning jewelry.
There are back necklaces. Despite how unusual that may sound, it is what is happening. Where people never thought to have one, they now can’t think of how one was never here, to begin with. These necklaces also serve the purpose of covering parts of the back left bare by the design of the dress or top worn. The effect has been found to reflect well, just as the front does.
Your fingernails are now getting their jewelry. This does not mean the new finger polish that has some crystals on them, but actual jewel pieces for the fingernails, which resemble small caps. Their design caters to a wide range of tastes. There are others which are styled to give off a menacing look, especially for deterring unwanted attention.
There is a jewelry category for the teeth. These are called grills. Those who have readily adopted them are individuals who have no problem with attention, like celebrities and other artists. They are made from some expensive material, like silver, or gold. They are expected to be sparkling and bright. Your teeth shall receive a lot of attention when you put them on.
You will also notice that biceps have had their own jewelry pieces created. This is an adoption of the old Roman fashion statement. The beauty and visibility of a lady’s arms make them a perfect spot to display jewelry. Ladies with lean arms look especially nice in them. It is advisable however to not engage in strenuous exercise while still wearing these jewelry pieces.
Your hips can also be bought jewelry for nowadays. It is advisable to try out hip jewelry after you have attained a fit and toned body. They work best when worn in situations that require less clothing items, such as at the beach, or tops that reveal the midriff. They make your hips stand out, and are very sensual.
What these jewelry pieces show is a revolution in the way jewelry will be made. The thing to remember is that there is no fixed rule as to how jewelry should be worn. People have the freedom to choose how they will express themselves through their jewels. No one body part was made for wearing jewelry. To view more pieces, click here.