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A Closer Look at Practical Spirituality

Since Victorian times, spiritual people have been imitating Thoreau, leaving the worldly life to go out and pursue spirituality in a ‘cabin in the woods,’ believing that comfort and luxury were somehow not a proper part of spirituality. However, this view of spirituality no longer seems possible with our modern way of life. Today, if you want to experience a meaningfully spiritual life, you will somehow have to do so while participating in modern life.

Spirituality is one of the terms that has no simple, universal definition. This means that what you believe spirituality to be will differ according to your personal perspective. Spirituality may be defined in general terms as a concern with the intangible or non-material aspect of life. There are literally millions of people around the world who take this definition to mean that they should have little or no concern with money, wealth, and material life.

The result of this more or less traditional view of spirituality is that you have highly spiritual people who are broke all of the time, depending on donations and the kindness of others for their lot in life. However, there is also a practical side to spirituality that is operative in the lives of the millions of people around the world who define themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious.’ Americans who refer to their beliefs in this way need to find a completely practical approach to spirituality.

A more modern, practical approach to spirituality means that people can lead spiritual lives without neglecting the material aspect of their lives. From ancient times until the present, people with traditional spiritual views have left the ‘worldly life’ and went out into the forest to meditate, practice and study. Some spiritual groups require people to leave their worldly lives and live and work on farms or on communes. For the majority of Americans, it is alienating and difficult to approach spirituality in this way, especially when most people want to use what they learn to enhance their lives and make them better.

The fact is that life is supposed to be fulfilling, rewarding and most of all, abundant. The spiritual teachers who hold these beliefs have offered a great number of teachings that can help those who learn to apply them become effective and productive, abundant people. A good example of such a teacher is Harv Eker whose online abundance workshops have helped many people attain more spiritually fulfilling and richly rewarding lives.

Those who would like to find out more about how spiritual teachings can be incorporated into your life to improve your productivity and the overall quality of your life, all you have to do is visit the website of a spiritual teacher like Harv Eker. All you have to do to get started is search the Internet for the website of a spiritual teacher like Harv Eker.

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