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A Look at Utility Mapping. Before any project is accomplished, it requires undergoing a surveying and a mapping process so as to give a clear view of how the land will affect the project Project mapping and surveying is one of the most important aspects of any project That is why a company like Utility Mapping is important. Utility Mapping is a Sydney located company that offers mapping, surveying, utility locating, non-destructive digging to various markets and sectors such as geotechnical, environmental, utilities, facility management, and infrastructure. Utility Mapping is among the utility mapping Sydney companies that have been around for a long time. Utility Mapping has grown and positioned itself strategically in the market. Here is a look at some of their core services. Utility Surveys:
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The company uses a combination of electromagnetic, geophysical, and high-frequency induction to help them search for both unknown and known structures and utilities that are located beneath the surface. Utility Mapping has managed to record a huge success rate in offering utility surveys service in the market.
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Bim and Cad Modeling Both 3D modeling and Computer-aided designs has played a major role in the growth of the company. It has one of the best equipped and skilled workforce in the market. The teams are better equipped to handle and 3D modeling project assigned. Survey and Non-destructive Digging Non-destructive digging is an innovative way that ensures that vital data and information is not lost or damaged. Non-destructive digging has allowed vital information such as the type, size and the configuration of the utility to be determines. The high-technology used in this field, such as ground penetrating radar services, has allowed for important data preservation of the utility hence giving people a chance to have a clear view of the utility. GIS and Augview Utility Mapping came up with an application which is an augmented reality technology. They have labeled that application as Augview. The application has aided in the infield decision making. Concrete Scanning: When handling in-concrete and reinforced steel utilities, a certain combination of technology is required. This technology helps them avoid any problems when cutting. Quality Insurance and Safety A safe and healthy environment is crucial and important to the organization. It has championed the environment preservation causes. To sow its commitment, the organization ensures that it deploys tools and technology that is safe to be used in the environment. The company has engaged in various campaigns in an attempt of spreading an awareness of conserving environment. The services that the company offers have played an important role in preserving data. Complex projects are now able to be broken down into manageable projects thanks to their innovative technology. Utility Mapping has consolidated its place in the market as a leader. If you want to have more info and contact the company, you can visit their website or search “Utility Mapping Sydney” on Google.